Red Rose

The red rose is the symbol of absolute passion. Legend holds that it was born from a nymph influenced by the magnificence of Aphrodite. Thus, in the first hours of its creation, she was associated with love and immutable beauty.

Red rose

The Red rose

It became the first flower offered by young and old lovers. Hiding in his heart a thousand intoxicating promises.

It carries in itself the incandescent flame of an encounter, the desire to embark on a beautiful adventure, the recognition of an emotion, the desire to prolong magic, the strength of a bond. It hides the timid, delivers the word, transmits feelings.

Each rose tells a little about the story of the person who picks it up or offers it, but also of the person who receives it and feeds on its perfume and message, especially during Valentine's Day.

She also represents feelings of courage, admiration, fervor, charisma and power.

It is a flower that is essential, aesthetically perfect, denoting its unique character, and necessarily devoted to a unique person. 

To offer one declares love at first sight, two confirm it definitively. An odd number expresses forgiveness, while 12 means a marriage proposal.

Never trivial the red rose comes in more or less dark shades, with thick or lighter petals, a leafless branch, thorns to avoid.

Cultivated, they are called Holland roses, rose of rememberance, Darcey rose, Imperial rose, Eternity rose, Tess rose, Cherry rose, and also often bear the name of their creator, who dared to mix genres to embellish a variety.

They make you dizzy with their intense color and cashmere of some of their petals, soft and fragrant to perfection.

A must.

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