Color meaning

Colors are omnipresent around us, they give us states of mind, feelings, they give us the strength to move forward or sink us into a deep silence.

Color meaning

Colors and their meaning

Moreover, depending on the countries, cultures and eras, colors take on different meanings sometimes to the extreme opposite of those of the neighboring cultures; like the white associated in the Western world with purity, whereas it is related to mourning in most Asian countries.

Conveying a meaning and a symbolic, color cannot be chosen lightly, especially on a web page that will be seen by thousands of people from all horizons.

You will need to take into consideration the atmosphere you want to create, the information associated with the color, the profile of visitors, and so on.

Then comes the subjective question of good taste and harmony, because even though everyone agrees that navy blue and black do not match together, what about the pink and the red?

One thing is certain, unless the site strongly wants to stand out, we will avoid too daring harmonies of colors.

Now, let's take a closer look at these colors that make us through a colorful mill!

Discover the meanings

Primary colors Blue

Blue and its nuances is a color closely related to dreams, wisdom and serenity.

Blue color
Primary colors Yellow

Color of the sun, celebration and joy, it allows to brighten a universe and make it shine.

Yellow color
Primary colors Red

Red is surely the most fascinating and ambiguous color of all.

Red color
Secondary colors Green

It is surely the most present color in nature.

Green color
Secondary colors Orange

This color does not bear this name for nothing (confers the orange: the fruit).

Orange color
Secondary colors Purple

Purple is a double-edged color: surprisingly, we like it or we do not like it.

Purple color
Tertiary colors Brown

The color of the earth par excellence, brown is a soft, reassuring and almost maternal color.

Brown color
Tertiary colors Gold

Gold or golden is a bright yellow which, like yellow, is a carrier of power.

Gold color
Other colors Black

Like white, black is not a color in the strict sense of the term.

Black color
Other colors White

Although white is not properly a color, the general public classifies it in this category.

White color
Other colors Grey

Grey is not in the strict sense of the term a color.

Grey color
Other colors Pink

She is a color of seduction, romance and femininity.

Pink color
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