When we talk about blue, we immediately think of the sky and the sea ... two natural elements that are part of our daily lives. This may be one of the reasons why blue is the preferred color. Even if you do not love blue, it's hard to hate this universal color.

Blue meaning

Blue meaning

Like the blue sky or the sea which opens horizons, the blue and its shades (turquoise, cyan ...) is a color closely related to dream, wisdom and serenity.

It is one of the favorite colors of Westerners: indeed, it is omnipresent around us. Blue is the echo of life, travel and discoveries literally and figuratively (personal introspection). Like water which quenches, blue has a refreshing and pure feeling which allows to find a certain inner calm related to deep things.

Blue is a symbol of truth, like limpid water that can not hide anything.

This color generally appeals to all generations, yet it should not be overly used. It can quickly become overwhelming if overused. It is advisable to contrast dark blue with lighter shades such as white or beige.

Turquoise and light blue mix perfectly with shades of chestnuts.

  • Positive meaning: dream, wisdom, serenity, truth, loyalty, freshness
  • Negative meaning: melancholy
  • Representation: ocean, sky, flowers (cornflower)

Blue Decor

The color blue gives a mood, a style of decoration.

Blue Deco color

Blue logos

Logos of major brands (trademarks) mainly using the color blue.

Blue Logos
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