Green is the color that best represents nature ... At the mention of the color green, we immediately imagine the large green meadows, trees filled with leaves or even just the lawn of the garden! From the combination of blue and yellow, green is a secondary color.

Green meaning

Green decor

It is surely the most present color in nature.

Justifiably associated with the plant world, which is its most worthy representative, green is a soothing, refreshing and even invigorating color.

In Western culture, it is associated with hope and luck.

However, this color can sometimes mean failures and misfortune. It is notably banned from theaters: it is common knowledge that Molière died on stage wearing a garment of this color.

Green is also associated with hospitals and pharmacies which used it in their logo.

The advantage of this color is that it generally matches with other colors, especially with colors like it which come from nature such as brown, ochre, cream or taupe.

  • Obtention: blue + yellow
  • Positive meaning: hope, luck, stability, concentration
  • Negative meaning: failure, misfortune
  • Representation: plants, vegetables (peppers, green pea)

Green decor

Green in interior decoration is mostly a matter of fashion. However, avoid the neon green !!

Decorative color Green

Green Logos

Some brands have dared an all green logo or almost and it has done them pretty well ...

Logos Vert
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